Budweiser America Promotion


A message from Dave:

Team Folds,

I am pleased to announce this year Budweiser will be supporting the Folds of Honor and the military families we serve in a very American way!! As most of you are aware, Budweiser will be changing their name to “America” on all cans and bottles from Memorial Day through the summer months.

Program Details:

· Budweiser will be donating $.01 and the A-B Wholesaler family will have the opportunity to match this donation, for every can and bottle of America sold between 6/27 and 7/4
· This one week has the potential to raise over $1,600,000.00 to fund over 300 Recipients!
· Additionally, we are still encouraging the wholesaler family to “Stand with The Folds of Honor” and sponsor at least one Recipient from their local market. Our goal is to sponsor an additional 200 Recipients through this program.

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Folds will now be celebrating office birthdays and anniversary dates on the first Friday of the month (tentatively) with lunch and cake! Make sure to check your email for lunch date invitations.

This month we will be celebrating:

Birthday’s for Dianne Campbell – 6/9 and Dayna Dunn – 6/17

Work Anniversaries for Maria Grimm – 6/1 (1 year) and Tony Biata 6/29 (5 years)

End of Year Update

A message from Mike:

I trust everyone is enjoying the break. I want to give you a quick update on a couple things, with more details to come when we all return next week.

1) Please join me in welcoming Christa Rogers to the FoH team. Christa will have responsibility to identify, develop and pursue our strategies for fund raising with Foundations, Endowments, Government and Community campaigns, University matching opportunities, etc. She brings a wealth of experience in these areas, and we’re very excited to put full time focus on what we believe are areas of great opportunity for us.

2) We have executed a license agreement with Blackbaud for a suite of services. The team has done the research in looking at several options, particularly regarding the CRM tool that will substantially improve the process of donor identification, pursuit, tracking and ongoing communication. The linkage to the financial and donor tracking systems (currently known as eTapestry, a predecessor Blackbaud product) will improve and enhance processes across the Foundation, and also not coincidentally, the new Scholarship Database implementation we have underway is a Blackbaud product. Add to that the capabilities this brings from a marketing, web and social media perspective, and you will see why we are so excited to get access to these tools. They are clearly the Gold Standard products in the industry.

We have many initiatives in process or planned for 2016: from a reenergized partnership with the PGA that will build upon the success we have experienced with Patriot Golf Day activities and events; extensive plans to go deep with the A-B distributor network; broadened awareness from the FoH/QT 500 race and Fox Sports that we intend to turn to donations; plans for a significantly improved web and social media presence; and a number of anticipated activations from existing and new partner relationships; just to name a few examples. The suite of services/tools we are bringing with the Blackbaud platform are literally game changing in support of these and other initiatives.

3) We have identified office space in Owasso that will serve as an interim solution while we complete plans for our long term space needs. We haven’t finalized this yet, but expect to do so asap.

Lots more to cover, but that’s enough for now. Enjoy the rest of your break and get ready for a fast start in 2016!